Seeing stars: Moncton man uses vision condition for astronomy work

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After seeing this feature, I found it beautiful. I hope my readers enjoy it as well!

Global News

MONCTON – Tim Doucette grew up gazing at the sky, dreaming of one day being an astronaut.

“I used to look at the moon quite a bit when I was younger,” he says. “I sort of took a break from it after I discovered I was different…I had a visual impairment.”

Doucette was born with cataracts in both eyes, so he only had 10 per cent of his vision.

Then, as a teenager, the lenses in both his eyes had to be removed, and his hopes of reaching for the stars were dashed.

“I lost a little bit of courage and I realized that I was never going to be an astronaut or anything astronomy related,” he says.

But it turned out Doucette had a condition known as Aphakia, which left him with superior night vision.

“That’s when I discovered that my eye condition is kind of a bonus when…

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