Mission to Mars Project

The project has garnished quite a few applicants. The co-founder estimates that its total cost will be 6 billion U.S. dollars.

The concept is interesting and is centered around  ‘reality tv’ being the  ultimate  source of funding.

The source of the video news is TIME–at its Word Press site.


Added after post– The initial cost is estimated to be 6 billion dollars–and not the total cost.


3 thoughts on “Mission to Mars Project

  1. FlyTrapMan

    Hmmm. I don’t think humanity is ready for Mars-philosophically or technologically speaking. My hopes are dim for this project, plus it seems like more a publicity stunt than a genuine mission. Do you think humanity is ready for Mars?

    1. jaksichja Post author

      It does not seem as if very many people would ready to go to Mars presently, (I kind of wonder what would happen to those of us who are too disabled to go there in the first place.)

      –I know very little of any of their ‘rocket hardware,’ or anything else for that matter.

      In concept–it may sound like a good idea

      –but to propose paying for it through making the venture into reality tv would bring both a lot of publicity and condemnation (should things go horribly wrong).


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