Einstein: Without Belief, No Science

Great quote from an outstanding blogger.


6 thoughts on “Einstein: Without Belief, No Science

      1. Sloan

        I believe it was in “The Evolution of Physics: The Growth of Ideas From Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta.” Not sure about the page. I’ve been enjoying your blog. Thanks for writing. Many Blessings, S

      2. jaksichja Post author

        Thanks — I have been enjoying your blog also— I picked up a copy of your latest book I have been enjoying your insightful observations.

  1. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    Well, that note is just silly. It is an argument from authority, so not relevant.

    And in fact the overall idea is wrong on two accounts.

    – We don’t have to believe that theories work or laws exist, we have plenty of tests showing that they do. So science and physics laws have earned our trust.

    – Theories _are_ interpretations of facts, as shown by say different theories of gravity (Newton gravity vs general relativity predicting the same square force law for weak fields).

    I think this is a not-so-stealth attempt to insert religion into science, with the usual irrelevant quote mining (quotes taken out of context) associated with such attempts. Einstein often rewrote the nature of physics into religious terms sans religion. And in fact we don’t even have a source, so it could have been dug up out of creationists cut&paste ‘quotes’.

    1. jaksichja Post author

      Fact being—you have no grounds to label me a creationist—

      Fact being—this is just a blog–

      Fact being—I am personally well aware of mainstream science and its practice

      Fact being–if you desire to attack someone please gather all facts prior to asserting it is a pseudo-religious blog

      Fact being—the post was a re-blog of another’s

      Final point –I will not feed your desire to be a troll–again–in essence I will not reply to any more false accusations nor your seeming desire to up-end an innocent re-blog



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