“Shameless” plug for a fairly new Astrobiology Website: SAGANet.dot.org

I thought I would introduce a fairly new website as a source of good, “grassroots” social interaction for anyone who happens to read my “blog.”  It is called S.A.G.A.Net.org.  The acronym, S.A.G.A.N.  stands for Social Action for a Grassroots Network.  The acronym is appropriately credited for The Carl Sagan Foundation, and; the site is well-worth anyone’s time–if they feel the need to further understand the subject of Astrobiology.

Here is a “blurb” of their website:

” ‘Mission statement: To sustain a vibrant community of scientists and science enthusiasts in an inviting environment supporting shared learning.

S.A.G.A.N. is a new social network whose mission is to engage and promote grassroots science outreach activities by providing a lively communication platform where interested individuals, journalists, teachers, students, and scientists alike can organize events, inform about events, exchange ideas, ask questions, find mentors, describe new findings, share pictures of science events… the possibilities are endless. We hope it proves a useful tool to share and partake in the wonderful and broad discipline of astrobiology.’ “



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